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Principal Features

HASTELLOY®C-22HS®- Oil & Gas Applications

The data in this document is believed to be useful for applications in the oil & gas industry, or other industries which may require an alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and strength levels higher than “standard” HASTELLOY®C-22HS® alloy. Additional information on C-22HS alloy may be found in the alloy brochure H-2122 on the Haynes International website.

Available in Three Very High-Strength Conditions

Early testing of C-22HS alloy was focused on material in the annealed + age-hardened condition where the material was annealed at 1975°F (1079°C) and age-hardened at 1300°F (704°C)/16h/Furnace cool (FC) to 1125°F (607°C)/32h/Air-cool (AC.) In this “standard condition” C-22HS alloy will typically have strengths around 100 ksi (690 MPa). While this strength level is almost double of “C-type” alloys in the annealed condition, many oil and gas applications require even greater strength. For this reason, a considerable development effort has been generated on C-22HS alloy in three other “very high strength” conditions:.

1) Cold Worked

2) Cold Worked + Age-HardenedA

3) Low Temperature (LT) AnnealedB + Age-HardenedC

A1125°F (607°C)/10h/AC                    B1850°F (1010°C)                C1300°F (704°C)/16h/FC to 1125°F (607°C)/32h/AC

A comparison of yield strengths for the three very high strength conditions is shown below along with that of the annealed and “standard” conditions

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