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Emerging Technologies

ET3The ever increasing demand for clean energy generation has led to the development of several emerging technologies that need high-temperature alloys for demanding operating conditions. The highly recognizable high-temperature HAYNES® alloys are widely used in traditional power generation, aerospace, chemical processing, and several other industries. With the advent of emerging technologies in this developing energy market, several of Haynes International’s commercially available and newly developed alloys are being used or considered.

ET2The emerging energy field encompasses within the three key power generation markets, which are fossil, renewables, and nuclear. In the fossil power generation market, HAYNES alloys are being used or considered for advanced ultra-supercritical power plants, coal gasification, gas Separation technologies for oxycombustion and syngas production, gas-to-liquids, and use of supercritical-CO2 power cycles for energy generation.  Among the renewables, HAYNES alloys are used and considered for fuel cells, concentrated solar power, thermoacoustic engines, sterling engines, geothermal, waste fuels, and waste- and biomass-to-energy. In addition, HAYNES alloys are being considered for the advanced gas-cooled nuclear reactors and next-gen molten salt nuclear reactors. As the applications in this field continue to evolve, Haynes International’s metallurgists can offer technical support and assist in the alloy selection process for your application.