The Home of HASTELLOY® and HAYNES® alloys

Other Markets

Haynes International alloys are used by many markets to solve industrial problems. 

Examples of other markets include:

  • Electronic industry e.g. structural components for electronic part manufacturing.
  • Ceramics industry e.g. belts for firing ceramics.
  • Automotive industry e.g. turbocharger components.
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization e.g. inlet ducts, absorbers and outlet ducts.
  • Industrial heating industry e.g. furnace fixture components.
  • Marine and Navy Nuclear e.g. critical components on submarines.
  • Mining and minerals processing e.g. materials to handle severe acid systems.
  • Glass processing e.g. liners and components to handle glass production and processing.
  • Thermocouple industry e.g. various severe environments where thermocouples are used.
  • Waste incineration and waste treatment e.g. components to handle high temperature gases or low temperature acid condensates.
  • Wear/wear corrosion applications e.g. severe service where both wear and corrosion prevent other materials from success. 


If you are having difficulty with materials in any industry contact Haynes experts and they will steer you to a correct metallurgy (even nonmetallic when appropriate) whether it is a Haynes product or not.